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Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Chaminade workouts for Season 2013!!!

Football Folks,

Recently I've worked with Xavier Sibrian, who has good size and quickness, can play the reach, drive, cutoff in a 1, 2 or 3 and is solid at the point of attack. That is on Defense as this youngster can play Offensive line as well; so, not sure where he will be positioned come fall, we did my usual Interval training speed work, agilities, cones and then one on one covering both sides of the ball. On Offense Xavier has the reach block steps down with good punch.

Another player I worked out is Alex Peluso who was a JV guy last season. He is shorter, still growing, but has quick feet, quick hands, and is stout at almost 220 now. There is somewhere on Varsity for this kid because of his foot speed and quickness and the fact that he does not cave when drive blocked. On Offense he would make a great pulling guard!!!

More updates later as I've started Coaching offensive and defensive line at Cesar Chavez High School in San Fernando, CA. Their Varsity won one game last season so we will turn that around under Coach Rodrigo Nunez. Thanks for checking in---

Friday, May 25, 2012

Andrew Karatepeyan has also been penciled at Inside Linebacker at Chatsworth High School!!!

Dear Athletes/Readers,

Yesterday, after posting on Andrew Karatepeyan, he told me that he has actually been playing more at Inside Linebacker but getting some reps on the outside as well; they will find a home for him once they see his Run Defense skills, Drops and Pops, and Pass Rush abilities which we have been working on diligently. What a great kid, the type of guy who any Coach would love to have as a fast learner, very coachable, very respectful, etc.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another great High School athlete with a ton of potential!!!

Andrew Karatepeyan is a potential starter at Outside Linebacker/Defensive End from Chatsworth High School here in the San Fernando Valley. He is 6'1" 215 and working with me in adding weight, speed, strength and fundamental skills. He could be an awesome addition to the Chatsworth High School Defensive front if he improves his run defense, drops and pass rush skills which we are working on; so, keep a look out for this young man in the fall---

Friday, April 27, 2012

Josh's Progress-A Player from Yorba Linda High School!!!

Josh is gaining weight slowly but surely, gaining lots of strength, and is fully committed to improving himself on and off the field.

The young man has great strength pound for pound and is getting stronger by the day. He is the hardest working guy I have trained, does not play video games, likes to be outside like us old school players did back in the day, playing hoops, baseball and football either in the street, at the school yard or on the neighbor's lawn.

We're meeting again on Saturday in Yorba Linda, his hometown and my partner, his Dad, will be there as well so I look forward to seeing his improvement over the past week.

I have not had a chance to update my Blog here in a little while; the last time we trained was last Saturday at the LA Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA where Josh and his Dad Rudy have a multi-club membership like me; so, we can get it anywhere there is an LA Fitness. LA Fitness just bought Ballies so have even more open locations and the sites are really nice.

My training is going really well as I have been burning more calories on a Trek mountain bike for cardio I just got, shadow boxing with 2.5 pound weights, incorporating that with heavy bag work and my regular weight training stuff not to forget the interval training I do at the track 2 to 3 times per week.

That is it for now so more later. Over and out my fellow athletes.

Fight On,

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Josh Negrete is getting ready for the show his Senior year!!!


To let you all know, a stud named Josh Negrete who has put on weight, strength, and speed is the Tailback at Yorba Linda High School and I am working with him to continue improving all those skillls so he can be the best and grab a Scholarship to a major University, hopefully USC my Alma Mater.

His father Rudy is an old school friend from John F. Kennedy High School where we both played. Rudy was a baller and still is. We had some great times together back in the day and tore shit up baby. Godspeed Rudolph.

Everyone stay tuned as I keep you posted on my training, my Guys, and their games in the Fall. Peace.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel # 79 USC Trojans
Jeff Bregel # 65 SF 49ers

Monday, March 5, 2012

Max is a new Young Man who needs to be a Trojan!!!

Hey Folks,

Just spoke with my old pal Dana from the old neighborhood and he tells me his next door neighbor Max, a huge man at 6'6" 325 who was a dominate offensive lineman at El Camino HS in Woodland Hills may want a scholarship and I can help!!! He just needs to take the SAT and he's got an in to USC. I will call his High School Coach and get his film but from what Dana described he is a killer having tossed defensive lineman around during his High School days. He graduated in 2010 so it is not too late for a reentry into what he was born to do, play O-Line in America's greatest game!!! More later so keep checking in. Thanks for your readership.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel #79 USC
                  # 65 49ers

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have an Oil Client, Yes Sir!!!

Hey Folks,

I've been hired by a Gentleman who just bought an Oil company and wants to learn the game of football; so, I've got some homework to do's on Referee signals as some have changed and want to teach him the NFL game, not College because I'm assuming he watches more professional games. I got an e-mail from him right after the Super Bowl where my 49ers were missing; almost is not enough, hi, hi!!!

On another note, many of the kids I've trained have dropped the ball because they're too busy playing Video games and could not are did not want to continue my style of Football training, hard and fast.

More later,

Jeff Bregel #79 USC
                  # 65 49ers

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Current Football trainees and my workout last night!!!

Dear Readers,

So far, in just over a month's time, I have some great young men who are willing to go the distance to get better, become better Football players, by training with Weights, Interval training on the track and Football fundamentals on the field right next to the track, just like I did and still do! It's too bad no team is interested in a 47 year old at 6'4" 287 who can still rip up!!!

My guys are a little spread out, so always looking for their fellow linemen to join them for a Group routine.

The Young Men include Gino Gasparra of Crespi who is a starter at Guard and will only be a Junior next season, a big plus for his Collegiate recruitment. Gino knows he must put on weight at 6'2" 215 while conditioning, strengthening, etc. which burns lots of calories. I predict Gino as All-CIF if he can put weight on and improve his skills, especially at a great school like Crespi.

I've got Hayden Soria from Chaminade who is 6'2"280 but needs to trim, lose fat and gain muscle, but has great feet, quick hands and will only get better with hard training like I put him through. I also see him as All-CIF next season and he should be a shoe-in just because of his size and movement abilities alone.

Next, locally, I have been trying to help Omar Sagoo, the Son of my friend Paul whom I went to High School at Kennedy (Granada Hills, CA) with. Omar wants to make Granada Hills High School Varsity next year but needs to upgrade his intensity and frequency of workouts. All these kids have excuses one way or another that keeps them from getting it done.

Too many Video games; when we were kids we were on the street or court playing either Football, Baseball or Hoops.

I have another client to be in Codi McGuire out of Riverside from Arlington High School at 6'3" 260 this kid looks like a stud with the frame to do the 300+ pounds the recruiters are looking for in Blue Chips. He looks strong and physical and has already registered on our Nationwide Student Athletes recruiting site.

I also need to make plans to go see Emilio Portillo up in Modesto to get him going. It is very nice when I go up there because it gives me the opportunity to stay with an old friend I have there who works for Emilio's Dad. Emilio plays for Gregori High School there and they did not have a great season last year, in fact lost all their games. I did have a chance to watch some game footage of Emilio and he's a player at both Offensive Guard and Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle. Not really sure about his weight because he may have gained or lost since last I saw him but he is 6'1" in height.

I had one more possible Client's Mom contact me from Orange County, CA where her son  Ethan is entering his Freshman year in High School and she wants him ready.

My workout last night consisted of Biceps, Back and Core and I managed it quickly resting at most 30 seconds between sets and was done by 11:15 PM after arriving at 9:30 PM.

Enough for now but please continue to check in to see what is new. I have also posted several links to Football Recruiting sites, Workout sites, etc., so please review all the new additions. Thanks for checking in, take care and God bless.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel # 79 USC
Jeff Bregel # 65 49ers

Saturday, December 10, 2011

All my High School Clients are studying for Finals and doing Term Projects

Dear Readers.

Not much to do in training my High School Football players as they are all involved with Term Papers, Finals and Projects; so, I hit it hard myself today with an early morning Strength Workout doing Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and my usual Interval Training tonight. I like sprinting at night because Photosythesis provides more Oxygen for this type of workout. I ran 1 440, 2 220's and 4 100's using proper form for increasing speed. I will eventually break it all down to where my Football Client's and I are doing just 8 50's, 10 40's and 12 10 yard starts. That is it for today as I ice my knee which has some Cartilage damage that I plan to have scoped and cleaned up, but I had no pain tonight while training. Thanks for checking in and see you at LA Fitness in Northridge tomorrow.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel # 79 USC
Jeff Bregel #65 49ers