Saturday, December 10, 2011

All my High School Clients are studying for Finals and doing Term Projects

Dear Readers.

Not much to do in training my High School Football players as they are all involved with Term Papers, Finals and Projects; so, I hit it hard myself today with an early morning Strength Workout doing Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and my usual Interval Training tonight. I like sprinting at night because Photosythesis provides more Oxygen for this type of workout. I ran 1 440, 2 220's and 4 100's using proper form for increasing speed. I will eventually break it all down to where my Football Client's and I are doing just 8 50's, 10 40's and 12 10 yard starts. That is it for today as I ice my knee which has some Cartilage damage that I plan to have scoped and cleaned up, but I had no pain tonight while training. Thanks for checking in and see you at LA Fitness in Northridge tomorrow.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel # 79 USC
Jeff Bregel #65 49ers

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