Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Current Football trainees and my workout last night!!!

Dear Readers,

So far, in just over a month's time, I have some great young men who are willing to go the distance to get better, become better Football players, by training with Weights, Interval training on the track and Football fundamentals on the field right next to the track, just like I did and still do! It's too bad no team is interested in a 47 year old at 6'4" 287 who can still rip up!!!

My guys are a little spread out, so always looking for their fellow linemen to join them for a Group routine.

The Young Men include Gino Gasparra of Crespi who is a starter at Guard and will only be a Junior next season, a big plus for his Collegiate recruitment. Gino knows he must put on weight at 6'2" 215 while conditioning, strengthening, etc. which burns lots of calories. I predict Gino as All-CIF if he can put weight on and improve his skills, especially at a great school like Crespi.

I've got Hayden Soria from Chaminade who is 6'2"280 but needs to trim, lose fat and gain muscle, but has great feet, quick hands and will only get better with hard training like I put him through. I also see him as All-CIF next season and he should be a shoe-in just because of his size and movement abilities alone.

Next, locally, I have been trying to help Omar Sagoo, the Son of my friend Paul whom I went to High School at Kennedy (Granada Hills, CA) with. Omar wants to make Granada Hills High School Varsity next year but needs to upgrade his intensity and frequency of workouts. All these kids have excuses one way or another that keeps them from getting it done.

Too many Video games; when we were kids we were on the street or court playing either Football, Baseball or Hoops.

I have another client to be in Codi McGuire out of Riverside from Arlington High School at 6'3" 260 this kid looks like a stud with the frame to do the 300+ pounds the recruiters are looking for in Blue Chips. He looks strong and physical and has already registered on our Nationwide Student Athletes recruiting site.

I also need to make plans to go see Emilio Portillo up in Modesto to get him going. It is very nice when I go up there because it gives me the opportunity to stay with an old friend I have there who works for Emilio's Dad. Emilio plays for Gregori High School there and they did not have a great season last year, in fact lost all their games. I did have a chance to watch some game footage of Emilio and he's a player at both Offensive Guard and Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle. Not really sure about his weight because he may have gained or lost since last I saw him but he is 6'1" in height.

I had one more possible Client's Mom contact me from Orange County, CA where her son  Ethan is entering his Freshman year in High School and she wants him ready.

My workout last night consisted of Biceps, Back and Core and I managed it quickly resting at most 30 seconds between sets and was done by 11:15 PM after arriving at 9:30 PM.

Enough for now but please continue to check in to see what is new. I have also posted several links to Football Recruiting sites, Workout sites, etc., so please review all the new additions. Thanks for checking in, take care and God bless.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel # 79 USC
Jeff Bregel # 65 49ers

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