Saturday, April 7, 2012

Josh Negrete is getting ready for the show his Senior year!!!


To let you all know, a stud named Josh Negrete who has put on weight, strength, and speed is the Tailback at Yorba Linda High School and I am working with him to continue improving all those skillls so he can be the best and grab a Scholarship to a major University, hopefully USC my Alma Mater.

His father Rudy is an old school friend from John F. Kennedy High School where we both played. Rudy was a baller and still is. We had some great times together back in the day and tore shit up baby. Godspeed Rudolph.

Everyone stay tuned as I keep you posted on my training, my Guys, and their games in the Fall. Peace.

Fight On,

Jeff Bregel # 79 USC Trojans
Jeff Bregel # 65 SF 49ers

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