Friday, April 27, 2012

Josh's Progress-A Player from Yorba Linda High School!!!

Josh is gaining weight slowly but surely, gaining lots of strength, and is fully committed to improving himself on and off the field.

The young man has great strength pound for pound and is getting stronger by the day. He is the hardest working guy I have trained, does not play video games, likes to be outside like us old school players did back in the day, playing hoops, baseball and football either in the street, at the school yard or on the neighbor's lawn.

We're meeting again on Saturday in Yorba Linda, his hometown and my partner, his Dad, will be there as well so I look forward to seeing his improvement over the past week.

I have not had a chance to update my Blog here in a little while; the last time we trained was last Saturday at the LA Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA where Josh and his Dad Rudy have a multi-club membership like me; so, we can get it anywhere there is an LA Fitness. LA Fitness just bought Ballies so have even more open locations and the sites are really nice.

My training is going really well as I have been burning more calories on a Trek mountain bike for cardio I just got, shadow boxing with 2.5 pound weights, incorporating that with heavy bag work and my regular weight training stuff not to forget the interval training I do at the track 2 to 3 times per week.

That is it for now so more later. Over and out my fellow athletes.

Fight On,

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